September 1, 2023

The Upcoming Gold Bull Market: How High Will Gold Prices Go?

By Goehring & Rozencwajg Gold is no different than any other asset class: […]
August 31, 2023

U.S. Job Openings Drop to Lowest Level Since March 2021

By Felix Richter The number of job openings in the United States continued […]
August 30, 2023

America’s debt problem is only getting bigger- Richard Mills

2023.08.30 The US officially has a debt problem, in the present and in […]
August 30, 2023


2023.08.30 美国目前以及未来都正式存在债务问题。截止到目前,美国的国债总额略低于 33 万亿美元,占国内生产总值(GDP)的 122%!然而,更大的问题在于其增长速度,导致利息支付不断膨胀。 根据国会预算办公室(CBO)的预测,未来 30 年的利息支付将达到约 71 万亿美元,并在 2053 年占据所有联邦收入的 35%。 […]
August 28, 2023

Will the BRICS Dethrone the U.S. Dollar?

By Daniel Lacalle The summit of the so-called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and […]
August 27, 2023

Does an Expanded BRICS Mean Anything?

By JIM O’NEILL Now that the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South […]
August 27, 2023

Doug Casey on the Battle for Strategic Resources in Africa

By Doug Casey International Man: Since 2020, coups have replaced pro-Western governments in Guinea, […]
August 26, 2023

Inflationary Incoherence

By Alexander William Salter “Predictions are hard, especially about the future,” the old […]
August 25, 2023

Growing National Debt Menaces Our Prosperity and Our Liberty

By Schiffgold The national debt has climbed to a staggering $32.7 trillion. In […]
August 23, 2023

The Rise of the BRICS

By Felix Richter Over the past two decades, the world has witnessed a profound […]
August 17, 2023

Survival of the richest – Richard Mills

2023.08.17 Inequality is one of the most volatile aspects of contemporary society, and […]
August 16, 2023

The three minerals indispensable to decarbonization – Richard Mills

2023.08.16 Faced with the grim prospect of falling short of our climate targets, […]
August 16, 2023


2023.08.16 面对达不到气候目标的严峻前景,寻找更多实现电气化和脱碳所需的矿物的竞赛变得越来越重要。 提供整个全球能源行业分析和数据的国际能源署 (IEA) 预测,到 2040 年,用于电动汽车和电池存储的矿物需求将增长至少 30 倍。 锂的增长应该是最快的,在可持续发展情景中,需求增长超过 40 倍,其次是石墨、钴和镍(约 20-25 […]
August 11, 2023

Markets for rice and wheat tightening – Richard Mills

2023.08.11 The markets for two of agriculture’s staple crops, rice and wheat, are […]
August 10, 2023

A vicious cycle of rising resource nationalism – Richard Mills

2023.08.10 Global warming has raised the economic status and political importance of critical […]
August 10, 2023

Latin America could become this century’s commodity superpower

By The Economist Latin America is no stranger to supplying the world with […]
August 9, 2023

Mining executives say copper set for fresh price break-out

By David McKay A DECLINE in the copper price since the beginning of the year […]
August 8, 2023

Charted: America’s Import Reliance of Key Minerals

By Niccolo Conte The push towards a more sustainable future requires various key […]
August 6, 2023

Animated: Global Debt Projections (2005-2027P)

By Dorothy Neufeld Total global debt stands at nearly $305 trillion as of the first […]
August 5, 2023

The Next Opportunity: Are We in a Commodity Supercycle?

By Goehring & Rozencwajg Are we in a commodity supercycle? In this episode, Adam […]
August 2, 2023

Animated: Global Debt Projections (2005-2027P)

By Dorothy Neufeld Total global debt stands at nearly $305 trillion as of the first […]
July 27, 2023

Reasons why food inflation isn’t going away – Richard Mills

2023.07.27 By now, we’ve probably surrendered to the fact that food prices will […]
July 27, 2023


2023.07.27 到目前为止,我们可能已经接受了这样一个事实:世界各地的食品价格将继续变得更加昂贵。 在加拿大,平均食品杂货账单不断上涨。对一些家庭来说,现在已经难以承受。 6 月份,加拿大食品通胀同比增长 9.1%,紧跟 5 月份增长的 9%。 与正在放缓的 2.8% 的总体通胀率相比,食品价格的走势似乎是一个大问题。 加拿大统计局上个月通过 […]
July 24, 2023
Why are central banks buying gold and dumping dollars?

The US Reserve Currency & Commodities

By Goehring & Rozencwajg Incredibly, by 2016 commodity prices had sold off to […]
July 20, 2023

The beneficiaries of dollar weakness – Richard Mills

2023.07.20 On July 9 the US dollar index (DXY) slipped under 100 for […]
July 20, 2023

A Catastrophic Debt Implosion Can Be Incredibly Quick

By Egon von Greyerz  In spite of unprecedented risks in investment markets, for the […]
July 16, 2023

The Inverted Yield Curve and Next US Recession

By QUOTH THE RAVEN No better, more reliable forecaster of the US business […]
July 13, 2023

Jim Grant: We Could Be Heading Toward a Generational Bear Market in Bonds

By SCHIFFGOLD  One of the singularities of the present time is the American position […]
July 9, 2023

Zoltan Pozsar: New World Monetary Order, Dedollarization and the Role of Gold

2023.07.09 We are moving into a multipolar reserve-currency world where the dollar will […]
June 18, 2023

The Polar Silk Road

Warming temperatures and thawing sea ice could soon allow for the expansion of […]
June 1, 2023

Debt the Dollar and Gold – Richard Mills

May 29, 2023

Dollar collapse will happen ‘gradually, then suddenly’ – Richard Mills

2023.05.29 “How did you go bankrupt?”“Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” – Ernest Hemingway, […]
May 25, 2023

The Impacts of Rising Interest Rates on Commodities

By Goehring & Rozencwajg What are the impacts of rising interest rates on […]
May 25, 2023

The end of King Dollar? The forces at play in de-dollarisation

By Naomi Rovnick and Libby George Rivalry with China, fallout from Russia’s war in Ukraine and […]
May 25, 2023

What a “war tax” means for the global economy

By The Economist At the end of the cold war America’s president, George H.W. […]
May 24, 2023

Interest on the debt on track to exceed military expenditures – Richard Mills

2023.05.24 The US national debt is again in the spotlight, as congressional leaders […]
May 24, 2023

The Fed Is Losing the Inflation Fight

By Peter Schiff We saw a big selloff in the gold market last […]
May 24, 2023

What happens if America defaults on its debt?

By The Economist By failing to raise America’s debt ceiling in time, Congress […]
May 23, 2023

U.S. Consumer Debt Piles Up to $17 Trillion

By Felix Richter U.S. consumers are sitting on a historically high pile of debt […]
May 22, 2023

Definite Debt Default

By Quoth the Raven  It’s pathetic that we do this song and dance […]
May 18, 2023

Charting the Rise of America’s Debt Ceiling

By Dorothy Neufeld Every few years the debt ceiling standoff puts the credit […]
May 18, 2023

Sell in May and Go Away?

By Jim O’Neil While investors should never let rules of thumb override financial […]
May 14, 2023

What Canada’s new Modern Slavery Act means for miners

On May 3, Canada’s Parliament passed Bill S-211, the Modern Slavery Act, aimed at […]
May 8, 2023

The Fed Is Moving Historically Fast to Tame Inflation

By Felix Richter Coming off historically low interest rates in the wake of […]
May 5, 2023

All signs point to the early stages of a new “commodity supercycle” – Richard Mills

2023.05.05 The idea that commodity markets can only yield short-term gains isn’t entirely […]
May 2, 2023

Is a new supercycle starting?

By Bruno Venditti In recent years, commodity prices have reached a 50-year low […]
May 2, 2023

The Economy Is A Powder Keg, Boiling Over And Ready To Blow

By Quoth the Raven I can sit back and watch those investments hopefully […]
April 30, 2023

U.S. Economy: Cloudy With a Chance of Stagflation

By Felix Richter Having proven surprisingly resilient in the face of the Fed’s aggressive […]
April 28, 2023

QE-Light Forestalls Crisis…For Now

By Michael Pento First Quarter GDP increased at only a 1.1% seasonally adjusted […]
April 27, 2023

“Dystopian” CBDCs will Allow Government to Track Purchases

By Paul Joseph Watson With eleven countries having already launched Central Bank Digital […]
April 27, 2023

Rickards: We’re Our Own Worst Enemy

By James Rickards I’ve said to the military and intelligence community, “I don’t think […]
April 22, 2023

U.S. Debt: Visualizing the $31.4 Trillion Owed in 2023

By Julie R. Peasley Can you picture what $31.4 trillion looks like? The […]
April 20, 2023

China’s GDP Growth Picks Up Pace Again

By Martin Armstrong China’s economy appears to have shaken off the effects of the […]
April 18, 2023

Ascent of central bank digital currencies bodes well for gold – Richard Mills

2023.04.18 The days of paying for something with cold, hard cash may be […]
April 18, 2023


用现金支付的时代即将结束了。疫情加速了我们向无现金经济的过渡,如今消费者更喜欢手机银行或数字钱包的便利性。 皮尤研究中心的一项新调查显示,如今,大约 41% 的美国人表示他们在一周内的购物都不是用现金支付的,高于 2018 年的 29% 和 2015 年的 24%。 据加拿大领先的信用卡和借记卡处理公司 Moneris […]
April 14, 2023

Exclusive: Fed can ‘hit the mark and hold’ with one more rate hike, Bostic says

By Howard Schneider One more quarter-percentage-point interest rate hike can allow the Federal Reserve […]
April 13, 2023

It’s all hotting up

By Alasdair Macleod Increasing numbers of national governments are abandoning the US sphere […]
April 13, 2023

A BRICS Threat to the Dollar?

By Jim O’Neill The fact that a US-excluding group of emerging powers has […]
April 10, 2023

Role Reversal: The Collapse of the Dollar-Enforced Empire

By Patrick Barron The American empire is not enforced by walls with armed […]
April 7, 2023

Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency

By Wolf Richter The share of the US-dollar as global reserve currency dropped […]
April 6, 2023

The Countries Bailed Out by China

By Katharina Buchholz Bailout amounts provided by China remained quite low in the 2000s […]
April 5, 2023

Why the Fed must pivot – Richard Mills

2023.04.05 According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the value of global […]
April 5, 2023

Why the Panic Is Just Beginning

By James Rickards The combination of a recession and an existential financial crisis is extremely rare. […]
April 5, 2023

The Dollar Is In Trouble! Here Are 7 Signs That Global De-Dollarization Has Just Shifted Into Overdrive

By Michael Snyder For decades, the U.S. dollar was the undisputed king of […]
April 3, 2023

Deflating the credit bubble

By Alasdair Macleod How likely is it that the downturn in broad money […]
March 31, 2023

Ex-Goldman chief economist calls on BRICS to challenge USD’s dominance as China leads de-dollarization trend

By Anna Golubova Former Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill is calling on […]
March 31, 2023

The Coming Doom Loop

By Nouriel Roubini In the face of high and persistent inflation, recession risks, […]
March 28, 2023

Fed Projections: The Ceiling Is in Sight

By Felix Richter If there has been one consistent theme in Jerome Powell’s […]
March 28, 2023

De-Dollarization: More Countries Seek Alternatives to the U.S. Dollar

By Bruno Venditti The U.S. dollar has dominated global trade and capital flows […]
March 27, 2023


鉴于美元作为世界主要储备货币的作用,美元在全球经济中的重要性不容低估。据估计,多达 90% 的国际贸易涉及美元。 与大宗商品一样,其价值遵循供求规律,随着交易的全天候进行而上升或下降。 十多年来,由于经济和政治因素的汇合一再推高对货币的需求,美元的总体方向有所上升。根据加拿大皇家银行财富管理公司的数据,2022 年底,美元的交易价格甚至比购买力平价衡量的公允价值水平高出 25%。 在 9 月下旬,美元指数触及了 20 年来的最高点,这是真正的长期牛市的标志。 与其它宏观经济指数一样,美元也在周期性波动,因为它反映了美国经济的健康状况。进入 […]
March 27, 2023

5 Reasons the US Dollar Will Head Lower – Richard Mills

2023.03.27 Given its role as the world’s primary reserve currency, the importance of […]
March 27, 2023

Everyone Is Just Pretending Nothing’s Wrong

By Quoth the Raven The fact is that I just don’t care about […]
March 26, 2023
Why are central banks buying gold and dumping dollars?

US bank trouble heralds end of dollar reserve system

By DAVID P. GOLDMAN The US banking system is broken. That doesn’t portend more […]
March 23, 2023

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada: March Update on the Housing Bust

By Wolf Richter This is the beginning of spring selling season. So let’s […]
March 23, 2023

Interest Payments On Treasury Debt Up 29% y/y

By macromon Interest payments on the national debt during the current fiscal year (October […]
March 8, 2023

The link between commodities and inflation – Richard Mills

2023.03.08 Has anybody noticed there is something strange going on in commodities? Whether […]
March 4, 2023

Automakers rush in where miners fear to tread

By Andy Home The race for electric vehicle (EV) battery metals is heating […]
March 2, 2023

Interest rates: The silent killer

By Alasdair Macleod Central banks were happy to suppress interest rates, even into […]
February 24, 2023

Has mining lost its luster? Why talent is moving elsewhere and how to bring them back

By Timur Abenov This article explores our latest research into the talent imperative […]
February 24, 2023

The worsening plight of the global consumer – Richard Mills

2023.02.23 Consumer spending makes up 70% of global GDP. It’s no wonder, therefore, […]
February 23, 2023

The Future Value of Disruptive Materials

By Aran Ali A select number of materials have a critical role to […]
February 22, 2023

Energy traders, flush with cash, are moving into crops and metals

By Archie Hunter After making more money than ever in the last few […]
February 21, 2023

The world’s $13trn interest bill

By The Economist After a calm 2010s, in which interest rates hardly budged, inflation is putting […]
February 21, 2023

Peter Schiff: The Fed Brought a Knife to an Inflation Gun Fight

By SchiffGold Despite the hotter-than-expected CPI report, the mainstream still seems convinced that the […]
February 16, 2023

Which Countries Have the Lowest Inflation?

By Dorothy Neufeld Investors are bracing for longer inflation. The Federal Reserve indicated […]
February 16, 2023

The Bond Market Is Having A Historic Panic Attack

By Quoth the Raven Never before has it been more evident why the […]
February 11, 2023

Rates Could Go To 6% And Stay There For “Years”

By Quoth the Raven 2023.03.11 It would be a situation where we are […]
February 10, 2023

No Matter How You Turn It, The Global System is Already Doomed: Got Gold?

By Matthew Piepenburg 2023.03.10 Below we look at the interplay of embarrassing debt, dying […]
February 7, 2023

Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Bring Hyperinflation

By Daniel Lacalle 2023.02.07 The monster inflation we’ve endured these past years first […]
February 2, 2023

The fossil-fuel elephant in the electrification room – Richard Mills

2023.02.02 The transition from fossil fuels to electrified transportation and renewable energy is […]
February 1, 2023

Bank of Canada: “We’re Pausing to Assess Whether We’ve Done Enough,” Hikes by 1/4% to 4.5%, QT Continues

By Wolf Richter 2023.02.01 The Bank of Canada hiked its policy rates by […]
February 1, 2023

We’re On Thin Ice Into Today’s Fed Decision

By Quoth the Raven 2023.02.01 It’s not the time to celebrate the S&P’s […]
January 31, 2023

Peter Schiff: The Federal Reserve Is Nowhere Near Victory

 BY SCHIFFGOLD 2023.01.31 The mainstream is optimistic about both the economy and the Fed’s […]
January 30, 2023

Visualizing U.S. Consumption of Fuel and Materials per Capita

By Bruno Venditti 2023.01.30 Wealthy countries consume massive amounts of natural resources per […]
January 28, 2023

Green energy investment matches fossil fuels for the first time – Richard Mills

2023.01.28 The shift to a world powered by renewable energy and run on […]
January 28, 2023

As West, Debt & Stocks Implode, East Gold & Oil Will Explode

By Egon von Greyerz 2023.01.28 “The risk of over-tightening by the European Central Bank […]
January 27, 2023

How Not to Fight Inflation

By Joseph E. Stiglitz 2023.01.27 NEW YORK – Despite favorable indices, it is […]
January 26, 2023

A “Debt Doom Loop” Is Now Fully Engaged

By Quoth the Raven 2023.01.26 Friend of Fringe Finance Lawrence Lepard released his most recent […]
January 23, 2023

Big business is in for a rough earnings season

By The Economist 2023.01.23 Winter has come—and it isn’t pretty Chief executives of the […]
January 22, 2023

The 13 Food Shortages To Expect In 2023

By Brian Boone 2023.01.22 So far, in the 2020s, farmers, food processors, suppliers, […]