May 19, 2024

US runs out of copper – Richard Mills

2024-05-19 AOTH has been warning for 2 years this was going to happen […]
May 18, 2024

Electric Vehicle Subsidies as Complex and Costly as Ever

By David Williams – Real Clear Wire Electric vehicles (EVs) may be the most […]
May 16, 2024

Buying and selling water is a reality in Alberta

By Joel Dryden, Carla Turner – CBC During times of water scarcity, transfers of water […]
May 16, 2024

Summer 2023 was the hottest in 2,000 years, study says

By Gloria Dickie – Reuters The intense northern hemisphere summer heat that drove wildfires […]
May 15, 2024

Graphite One CEO and President, Anthony Huston, Invited by President Biden to White House Investment and Job Creation Session; White House Sets 25% Tariff on Chinese Graphite

May 15, 2024 CEO to President Biden:  “Projects like Graphite One’s are important […]
May 13, 2024

This is how climate change is impacting global copper mining

By Aparupa Devnath – India Times Rising demand for copper in clean-energy initiatives […]
May 12, 2024

Sun Fires ‘Solar Storm Train’ at Earth-Three Direct Hits for Weekend

By Jess Thomson – Newsweek A particularly volatile sunspot has sent a series of […]
May 8, 2024

For cities and towns trying to cut out plastic, here’s what’s worked and what hasn’t

By Emily Chung –  CBC News Global plastic consumption has quadrupled in the past […]
May 6, 2024

Worsening Weather Is Igniting a $25 Billion Market

By Sam Potter – Bloomberg As companies and investors come to grips with meteorological […]
April 30, 2024

Stagflation – Richard Mills

2024.04.27 Investors in stocks, bonds and commodities should be aware of the rate […]
April 27, 2024

What are microplastics doing to human health?

By Amina Zafar –  CBC News Plastic serves as a building block for our […]
April 25, 2024

Honda to invest $15B to build four new EV plants in Ontario

By Peter Zimonjic  – CBC News According to a government statement released to […]
April 25, 2024

Battery recycling shatters the myth of electric-vehicle waste

From Making a battery for an electric vehicle typically requires mining hundreds […]
April 25, 2024

Don’t be gloomy about EV sales

Fen The Economist There are good reasons to expect demand to pick up. […]
April 23, 2024

As plastic treaty talks open, countries more divided than ever

By Valerie Volcovici – Reuters Countries are under pressure to make progress on a […]
April 23, 2024

Packaging Is the Biggest Driver of Global Plastics Use

By Felix Richter – Statista As our chart shows, global plastics use has increased […]
April 23, 2024

Solar panels are a thing of the past: home wind turbines for less than 200 dollars

By D. García – ECNews Traditional solar panels are being consigned to the past. In their […]
April 22, 2024

Which Countries Export & Import Plastic Waste?

By Katharina Buchholz – Statista This year’s Earth Day, held on April 22, has […]
April 16, 2024

How a US$10 billion mine became a cautionary tale for the energy transition

By Jacob Lorinc –  Bloomberg News When the group of mining executives arrived […]
April 2, 2024

The looming threat from Antarctica

From The Economist The arctic and Antarctic are, fittingly, polar opposites. The first […]
March 24, 2024

Where Water Stress Will Be Highest by 2050

By Martin Armstrong – Statista Water is not only the basis of life for […]
March 23, 2024

Graphite One to build graphite anode manufacturing plant in Ohio, on site previously used to stockpile critical minerals – Richard Mills

2024.03.22 Graphite One (TSXV:GPH, OTCQX:GPHOF) plans to invest $435 million to build a […]
March 22, 2024

The plastic industry knowingly pushed recycling myth for decades, new report finds

By Ali Rogin PBS News The world produces an average of 430 million […]
March 20, 2024

Why the Plastic Problem Needs a Legally Binding Global Treaty

By Akshat Rathi – Bloomberg If all goes right, there will be a legally […]
March 19, 2024

Climate Change Speeds Up as Major Indicators Blow Off the Charts, WMO Warns

By Laura Millan – Bloomberg All the major indicators of climate change smashed historic […]
March 15, 2024

Plastic pollution: a scourge with far-reaching consequences – Richard Mills

2024.03.14 Every day most of us contribute, several times, to the global plastic […]
March 13, 2024

Our dystopian future is already here – Richard Mills

2024.03.09 Global heat records keep getting smashed, as a combination of global warming […]
February 28, 2024

The Norwegian Illusion

From Goehring & Rozencwajg  Starting mid-point last decade, the investment community became convinced […]
February 23, 2024

A Bunch of New Research Puts This Winter’s Wild Weather In Frightening Context

By HENRY CARNELL – Mother Jones Since the start of 2024, countless scientific studies […]
February 16, 2024

Priority? Licence transfers? Here’s how Alberta’s water system works

By Taylor Lambert – CBC Alberta’s relationship with water has changed over the […]
February 15, 2024

Extreme Weather, Russia & Cyber Attacks Top Fears List

By Anna Fleck – Statista In the run up to the annual Munich […]
February 14, 2024

Shutdown of deep ocean current could cause extreme climate change as soon as 2025 – Richard Mills

2024-02-14 The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is a large system of water […]
February 11, 2024

Drought across British Columbia could worsen this year

From The Weather Network Snow levels are 39 per cent below normal, according […]
February 9, 2024

California’s atmospheric rivers, explained

CBC Video A series of atmospheric rivers caused days of record-breaking rain over […]
February 7, 2024

The Scale of California’s Pineapple Express Phenomenon

By Katharina Buchholz – Statista A second atmospheric river rainstorm in a week is […]
January 24, 2024
Fresh water crisis unfolding

World groundwater levels showing ‘accelerated’ decline – study

By Reuters Groundwater levels across the world have shown widespread and “accelerated” decline […]
January 18, 2024

Scientists reveal how Greenland Ice Sheet has shrunk over past four decades

By Gloria Dickie – Reuters The Greenland Ice Sheet lost 5,091 sq km (1930 […]
January 14, 2024

Panama Canal drought forces Maersk to start using ‘land bridge’ for Oceania cargo

By Lori Ann LaRocco – CNBC In an advisory to clients, Maersk informed […]
January 12, 2024

Biden administration announces $623 million for new EV chargers across the nation

By Ella Nilsen, CNN fund 47 projects in 22 states and Puerto Rico – […]
January 10, 2024

High-grade results ‘bode well’ for Graphite One feasibility this year

By Blair McBride – Graphite One (TSXV: GPH; US-OTC: GPHOF) says results […]
January 9, 2024

With El Nino boost, scientists say 2024 will be much worse than record-setting 2023 – Richard Mills

2024-01-09 If you thought 2023 was hot, just wait. Scientists are warning that […]
January 8, 2024

Scientists Are Already Bracing for Record-Breaking Heat in 2024

By Zahra Hirji, Olivia Rudgard, and Brian Kahn – Bloomberg If history is any guide, the second […]
January 4, 2024

Developing America’s largest graphite deposit coincides with major port expansion at critical juncture of the Bering Strait – Richard Mills

2024.01.04 America’s largest graphite resource, and one of the biggest in the world, says […]
January 3, 2024

Global Shipping’s Chokepoints

By Katharina Buchholz – Statista With more and more shipping companies extending full or […]
January 3, 2024

Saving the Panama Canal Will Take Years and Cost Billions, If It’s Even Possible

By Peter Millard and Michael D McDonald – Bloomberg The vestiges of an ancient forest tell […]
January 2, 2024

2023 Expected to Be Hottest Year on Record

By  Katharina Buchholz – Statista With full December data still outstanding, 2023 has […]
December 28, 2023

How One Company Plans To Disrupt the Single-Use Plastics Industry – interview with Richard Mills

By Streetwise Reports We recently sat down with Rick Mills of Ahead of the Herd to discuss […]
December 23, 2023

China aiming to tap US$23 trillion energy transition market – Richard Mills

2023.12.21 China, the world leader in electric vehicles and battery production, is moving […]
December 21, 2023

British Columbians will no longer be given single-use plastic cutlery and bags

By CBC News British Columbians will no longer be given single-use plastic cutlery […]
December 20, 2023

On average, electric vehicles are less reliable than other cars and trucks, Consumer Reports finds

By Tom Krisher –  The Associated Press Electric vehicles have proved far less reliable, […]
December 20, 2023

The Retreat of Glaciers in the 21st Century

By Anna Fleck – Statista A recent UNESCO study on protected glaciers around the […]
December 18, 2023

Canada to Announce 2035 All-EV Sales Mandate, Reports Say

By Christine Dobby – Bloomberg The Canadian government is poised to pass rules requiring […]
December 17, 2023

Russia Uranium Supplier Warns US Clients to Brace for Ban

By Ari Natter Tenex, a Russian state-owned uranium company, is warning American customers that […]
December 16, 2023

Billionaire Miner Friedland Warns of a Copper ‘Train Wreck’ as Supply Stalls

By James Attwood and Jacob Lorinc – Bloomberg Copper is poised to follow other commodities upended by […]
December 16, 2023

Billionaire Mining Magnate Friedland Says $15,000-a-Ton Copper Needed to Spur New Mines

By Alix Steel, Dani Burger, and Jacob Lorinc – Bloomberg Copper prices need to nearly double in […]
December 14, 2023

Keeping Chinese parts out of American EV’s – Richard Mills

2023.12.14 In this ‘Under the spotlight’ written interview Rick Mills, editor of the […]
December 8, 2023

A new 66 million-year history of carbon dioxide offers little comfort for today

By Columbia Climate School – A massive new review of ancient atmospheric carbon-dioxide […]
December 8, 2023

Jet stream will get faster as climate change continues, study finds

By Louise Lerner – A new study in Nature Climate Change takes one of the first […]
December 7, 2023

Researchers used Hurricane Larry to prove ocean microplastics can be swept inland as air pollution

By Kayla Hounsell –  CBC News As Hurricane Larry lashed Newfoundland in 2021, university students […]
November 25, 2023

Global EV mandates would require 388 new mines: Fraser Institute

By Nelson Bennett – Meeting the 2030 targets for electric vehicle mandates […]
November 23, 2023

Exposing the copper surplus myth – Richard Mills

2023.11.22 Commodity analysts predictions are usually wrong about copper supply, often predicting a […]
November 18, 2023

Positioning in metals for economic recovery – Richard Mills

2023.11.18 “If it bleeds it leads” is a well-worn expression for describing how […]
November 11, 2023

Greenland glaciers melt five times faster than 20 years ago

By Johannes Birkebaek Global warming has increased the speed at which glaciers in Greenland […]
November 8, 2023

EV Market’s Surge Toward $57 Trillion Sparks Global Flashpoints

By Bloomberg Economics The historic transition from the century-long era of the internal […]
October 31, 2023

The dirty truth about why we need mining if we want a cleaner world

By Frank Giustra The mining industry has had its share of abuse over the […]
October 27, 2023

Lifting the Lid on Antarctica: Ancient Landscape Revealed Beneath Antarctica

By Durham University An international research team has unveiled an ancient landscape hidden […]
October 25, 2023

Teck’s Copper Mine Cost Blowout Shows Challenges in Industry

By Jacob Lorinc, Thomas Biesheuvel, and James Attwood Rising costs to build Teck Resources Ltd.’s flagship copper project […]
October 4, 2023

AOTH Copper Road Resources overview with CEO John Timmons – Richard Mills

2023.10.04 Behind Ontario’s mineral wealth is the geological advantage offered by the Mid-Continental […]
October 4, 2023

From Lead to Copper: Replacing America’s Aging Water Infrastructure

By Elements Visual Capitalist Water service lines, crucial for connecting buildings to the […]
September 29, 2023

2023 officially the most costly destructive wildfire season on record in BC

By The Weather Networks According to the B.C. Wildfire Service (BCWS), a total […]
September 25, 2023

EV Infrastructure

By Felix Richter Charging infrastructure plays a pivotal role in facilitating the global shift […]
September 23, 2023

Max discovers new copper-silver target at CESAR – Richard Mills

2023.09.23 The importance of copper exploration projects cannot be understated. In an era […]
September 23, 2023

Copper Road intersects broad zones of visible copper mineralization at its namesake project in Ontario – Richard Mills

2023.09.23 Copper Road Resources Inc. (TSXV: CRD) is encountering promising geology at its Copper […]
September 11, 2023

Drought ‘a sleeping giant of a natural disaster,’ says B.C.’s emergency minister

By The Weather Network More than 80 per cent of B.C.’s water basins […]
September 6, 2023

August was hottest ever recorded, third straight month to set record

By Reuters Last month was the hottest August on record globally, the third […]
September 5, 2023

The canary in the icefield

By Paula Duhatschek and Dan McGarvey Things are not as they’ve always been. […]
September 2, 2023

Max to fly geophysical survey over CESAR’s AM District – Richard Mills

2023.09.02 Max Resource Corp (TSX.V: MAX; OTC: MXROF; Frankfurt: M1D2)  continues to advance […]
September 2, 2023

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof

By Julia Rosen The science of climate change is more solid and widely agreed […]
September 1, 2023

What previous warming cycles tell us about current global warming – Richard Mills

2023.09.01 If you listen to mainstream media, climate change (a misnomer, the correct […]
August 31, 2023

How global warming and El Niño will affect commodities – Richard Mills

2023.08.31 There’s no getting around it: our planet is warming at a terrifying […]
August 31, 2023


2023.08.31 这是无法回避的事实:我们的星球正在以可怕的速度变暖,其特点是极端天气事件现在看来是正常现象。 今年夏天,我们继续看到强烈的风暴、灼热的热浪和长期的干旱袭击世界各地,并在 2023 年 7 月达到有史以来最热的月份。德国莱比锡大学的一项研究发现,该月连续 23 天全球气温创纪录,比四年前创下的纪录高出了“相当大的差距”(即 0.2 摄氏度)。 当月,世界各地多个地点出现破纪录的热浪,特别是美国西南部、墨西哥、中国和地中海周边地区。 《科学美国人》杂志称,这些记录主要与人类燃烧化石燃料导致大气中的多余热量导致全球气温总体上升有关。 […]
August 28, 2023

El Niño has started

By The Economist California rarely sees the types of hurricanes and storms that […]
August 27, 2023

Import ban on goods made with Chinese slave labor extended to electric car batteries – Richard Mills

2023.08.27 US auto manufacturers that source their components from a region in China […]
August 24, 2023

A summer of extreme weather: Why global warming can’t be denied – Richard Mills

2023.08.24 Climate change, a misnomer, and the correct term, global warming, are cited […]
August 23, 2023

Copper Road kicks off 2023 drill program to confirm copper mineralization at JR Zone – Richard Mills

2023.08.23 Copper Road Resources Inc. (TSXV: CRD) is kicking off its 2023 summer […]
August 23, 2023

Copper Road 启动 2023 年钻探计划,以确认 JR 地区的铜矿化情况

203.08.23 Copper Road Resources Inc. (TSXV: CRD) 正在极具前景的 JR 区启动 2023 年夏季钻探计划,该计划是位于安大略省巴彻瓦纳湾地区的 Copper […]
August 23, 2023
hand holding lightbulb

Canada Powers Up EV Push as Auto Giants Fuel Battery Boom

By Rimmi Singhi Amid heightening climate concerns, countries worldwide are fast transitioning to […]
August 22, 2023

U.S. Drought Lessens as Large Swaths Remain Affected

By Katharina Buchholz Tropical storm Hilary reached California Monday morning, bringing heavy rains […]
August 22, 2023

Heat is associated with short-term increases in household food insecurity in 150 countries and this is mediated by income

By Carolin Kroeger Rising temperatures are expected to stall progress on food insecurity […]
August 21, 2023

Remnant moisture from the tropical system drenching California will move into Western Canada this week

2023.08.21 The storm’s tropical moisture will continue flowing north long after the system […]
August 17, 2023

The wildfire danger keeps climbing across British Columbia

The Weather Network From a record number of wildfires to record high temperatures, […]
August 9, 2023
The day the current stopped

Record-setting heat on Earth could well be the norm in the coming years – Richard Mills

2023.08.09 July 2023 officially marked the hottest ever month on Earth. In fact, […]
August 9, 2023
The day the current stopped


2023.08.09 2023 年 7 月正式成为地球上最热的一个月。事实上,仅在第一周,地球温度就打破了12万年来的最高纪录,不是一次、不是两次,而是三次! 根据世界气象组织(WMO)和欧盟资助的哥白尼气候变化服务机构(C3S)的数据,这次与往年 7 月相比,差距相当可观。 莱比锡大学的分析确定,2023 年 7 月的气温将比 2019 […]
August 5, 2023

Canada sets sights on next plastic waste target: food packaging

By Sean Previl After banning plastic bags at supermarkets and liquor stores nationwide late last year, […]
July 28, 2023

‘Really evident’ change on Mackenzie River, with record-low water levels this year

Mah Noor Mubarik · CBC News  Hot temperatures with little rain is causing water levels to drop on […]
July 28, 2023
Melting ice, Arctic scramble

We’re dangerously near some climate tipping points

Emily Chung · CBC News England and France could suddenly get a new, colder climate, […]
July 25, 2023

The global copper market is entering an age of extremely large deficits – Richard Mills

2023.07.25  Simply put, the road to reaching net zero begins and ends with […]
July 24, 2023

With few projects in industry pipeline, Copper Road’s exploration story is a must-follow – Richard Mills

2023.07.24 Simply put, the road to reaching net zero begins and ends with […]
July 24, 2023

由于行业管道项目很少,Copper Road 的勘探故事值得关注 – Richard Mills

2023.07.24 简而言之,实现净零排放的道路始于铜,终于铜。所有支持可再生能源的基础设施都使用大量铜,因为金属是高效的电和热导体。 为了保持能源转型的继续,将需要数百万英尺的铜线来加强世界电网,并且还需要数十万吨的铜线来建设风能和太阳能发电厂。例如,海上风力涡轮机每兆瓦发电量含有 8 吨铜。 电动汽车现在是需求快速增长的一个来源,其使用的铜量是汽油动力汽车的两倍多,汽油动力汽车的铜含量约为 30 公斤。更不用说,平均每个家庭都有超过 180 公斤的铜,这提醒我们这种金属是多么不可或缺。 综上所述,展望未来,对铜的需求将是惊人的。 铜供应缺口 麦肯锡预计,到 […]
July 15, 2023

A moving target: Addressing the global infrastructure deficit in times of rapid climate change, decarbonization – Richard Mills

2023.07.15 Roads, ports & bridges, transmission lines, power plants, airports, dams, buses, subways, […]