June 3, 2024
Planet earth f

Earliest-known galaxy, spotted by Webb telescope, is a beacon to cosmic dawn

By Will Dunham – Reuters NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has spotted the earliest-known […]
May 18, 2024

Dazzling Solar Storm Tested Power Grids. Data Suggests More Are Coming.

From Bloomberg The largest geomagnetic storm since 2003 that occurred last Friday may […]
May 6, 2024

Sea drone warfare has arrived. The U.S. is floundering.

By Joe Brock and Mike Stone – Reuters The U.S. Navy’s efforts to build a fleet […]
April 30, 2024

Beware, global jihadists are back on the march

From The Ecomomist When jihadist gunmen shot their way through Crocus City Hall in […]
April 28, 2024

British Columbia Rolls Back Drug Decriminalization After Public Backlash

By Thomas Seal – Bloomberg British Columbia has asked the Canadian government to reintroduce […]
April 18, 2024

Generation Z is unprecedentedly rich

From The Economist Generation z is taking over. In the rich world there […]
April 17, 2024

People who stay mentally sharp in their retirement usually adopt these 7 daily habits

By Graeme Richards – Global English Editing There’s a huge difference between growing old […]
April 7, 2024

Could weight-loss drugs eat the world?

From The Economist The gila monster is a poisonous North American lizard that […]
March 30, 2024

America’s Sports Betting Boom

By Felix Richter – Statista Five years after the Supreme Court struck down […]
March 19, 2024

What Makes Us Human? How Ancient Thinkers Saw the Human-Animal Divide

By Julia Kindt – Ancient Origins What makes us human? What (if anything) […]
March 3, 2024

Do You Really Want to Find Out If You’ll Get Alzheimer’s?

By F.D. Flam – Bloomberg A few years ago, researchers made the unnerving discovery that in […]
February 13, 2024

6 Advanced Ancient Inventions Beyond Modern Understanding

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times – Ancient Origins We’ve lost the secret to making some […]
February 8, 2024

The World’s Richest Countries Across 3 Metrics

By Niccolo Conte – Visual Capitalist How do you measure the economic success […]
February 7, 2024

Mining industry dogged by retirements and lack of new recruits – Richard Mills

2024.02.07 One of the biggest challenges facing the mining industry is a growing […]
December 21, 2023

62 Percent Of Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck And The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain Is Already Collapsing

By The Economic Collapse Thanks to a soaring stock market, the wealthy are […]
December 15, 2023
Planet earth f

NASA Sensor Produces First Global Maps of Surface Minerals in Arid Regions

By NASA EMIT delivers first-of-a-kind maps of minerals in Earth’s dust-source areas, enabling […]
December 11, 2023

We followed an old-growth detective into the forest to fact-check B.C.’s suspicious claims about the age of trees

By  Sarah Cox – The Narwhal When conservationist Eddie Petryshen learned BC Timber […]
December 7, 2023

COLOMBIA – Mining Authority Defines the Country’s New Strategic Minerals

With the intention of moving decisively forward in the materialization of the new […]
December 6, 2023

Behind the US manufacturing boom – Richard Mills

2023.12.06 Manufacturing has always been an integral part of American life. Paul Revere […]
December 5, 2023

Regulators Hope You Don’t Notice The Massive Hidden Losses In The Banking System

By Paul H. Kupiec – AEI The Secretary of the Treasury and the Financial […]
December 2, 2023

Is Earth’s Magnetic Field on The Verge of Flipping Over? An Expert Explains.

By Ofer Cohen – Science Alert The Earth’s magnetic field plays a big […]
November 27, 2023

Researchers create a new tectonic model of the Earth and it’s beautiful

By Mihai Andrei – ZME Science The Earth’s surface is a complex mosaic […]
November 24, 2023

Our Megathreatened Age

By Nouriel Roubini – Project Syndicate It is now common knowledge that economic, […]
November 17, 2023

Mapped: Food Unaffordability Across the World

By Our World in Data Food is the palate’s poetry, the body’s fuel, […]
November 16, 2023

AOTH’s interest rate predictions have been bang on – Richard Mills

2023.11.16 At Ahead of the Herd, we pride ourselves on being right, when […]
October 21, 2023

There will be a recession someday, there always is one eventually. But not yet.

By Wolf Richter Our recession-watch here started shortly after the Fed kicked off […]
September 6, 2023

Mining industry risks another lost decade – Richard Mills

2023.09.06 Mining — like any other sector — has experienced its fair share […]
September 6, 2023


2023.09.06 与任何其他行业一样,采矿业在过去十年中也经历了相当多的问题,影响了其整体声誉和效率。 现在面临着为全球能源转型提供足够矿物的艰巨挑战,该行业必须深入挖掘——无论是字面上还是隐喻上——以提高其绩效。 但问题的根源是多方面的,阻力来自各个方面。关键问题包括全球技能短缺、环境和人权问题以及资金的可用性和使用。 在这些问题得到解决之前,采矿业的价值将无法最大化,并且该行业可能在未来十年遭受同样的命运。 下面,我们将探讨采矿业长期可持续发展的每一个主要障碍,以及该行业已经(或尚未)采取哪些措施来减轻这些风险。 关键技能差距 采矿业面临的最大挑战之一是劳动力老龄化和后继人才缺乏造成的技能差距日益扩大。 科罗拉多矿业学院研究和技术转让副总裁沃尔特·科潘 (Walter Copan) 表示,采矿业正面临着严重的技能差距,再加上即将到来的预期退休人数方面的所谓“灰色海啸”,情况更加严重。 德勤今年早些时候发布的一项研究显示,近 […]
August 25, 2023

Deficit Surge Will Lead To Lower Rates, Not Higher

By Lance Roberts Fitch’s recent downgrade of the U.S. debt rating alarmed investors […]
August 25, 2023

Growing National Debt Menaces Our Prosperity and Our Liberty

By Schiffgold The national debt has climbed to a staggering $32.7 trillion. In […]
August 3, 2023

6 climate tipping points – Richard Mills

2023.08.02 Earth’s climate is warming a lot faster than many had anticipated.  Climate […]
July 29, 2023

Carrying Oneself With Grace Through The Ups And Downs Of The Mining Business

By Goldfinger Dolly Varden (TSX-V:DV, OTC: DOLLF) is busy drilling with four diamond […]
July 22, 2023

Inequality: trends and implications – Richard Mills

2023.07.22 Inequality is one of the most volatile aspects of contemporary society, and […]
July 22, 2023

The Yield Curve is Now in the Deepest Inversion Since 1981

By Ryan McMaken How big is big when it comes to the latest […]
July 13, 2023

Talks of Fed pulling off a fabled “soft landing” still premature – Richard Mills

2023.07.13 In economics, a “soft landing” widely refers to a moderate economic slowdown […]
July 13, 2023


2023.07.13 在经济学中,“软着陆”广泛指的是在经历了一段成功避免衰退的增长期之后经济适度放缓。从隐喻上讲,它类似于该术语最初在航空领域的使用方式——飞行员试图让飞机平稳着陆而不坠毁。 当肩负着阻止经济因高通胀而过热的任务时,美联储等央行通常会提高利率,使其刚好足以引发经济放缓(即软着陆),但不足以引发严重的经济衰退(称为“硬着陆”)。 虽然定义“软着陆”的量化因素长期以来一直存在争议,但在失业率不大幅飙升(最好低于 5%)的情况下让通胀率回到或接近 2% 的目标通常被视为基本要求。 “软着陆”一词在前美联储主席艾伦·格林斯潘 (Alan Greenspan) 任职期间首次流行,人们普遍认为他在 1994 年至 […]
July 7, 2023

‘Useful idiots’ equally present on the left and right – Richard Mills

2023.07.07 In 2013, then-Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau was asked which […]
July 4, 2023

Planetary devastation is only one solar storm, asteroid strike away – Richard Mills

2023.07.04 There are many extreme events that could do massive damage to planet […]
June 18, 2023

Our Debt to Future Generations

By Joseph E. Stiglitz No one argues that policymakers should not think about […]
June 15, 2023

Hubbert’s Peak is Finally Here

By Goehring & Rozencwajg Conventional oil production has now unequivocally rolled over. Unconventional […]
May 14, 2023

What Canada’s new Modern Slavery Act means for miners

On May 3, Canada’s Parliament passed Bill S-211, the Modern Slavery Act, aimed at […]
May 12, 2023

Two dominant investment themes and the metals required for each – Richard Mills

2023.05.12 When looking for an investment, the approach I take involves looking at […]
May 6, 2023

“Kill the Whales!”

By James Rickards Here are the facts: There was a slight warming trend from […]
April 19, 2023

America: the good, the bad and the ugly

2023.04.19 Most people can remember what they were doing on the blue bird […]
March 26, 2023

Should the US ban TikTok?

By Ian Bremmer Gzero The popular video-sharing app’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, has […]
March 22, 2023

How the Iraq war bent America’s army out of shape

By The Economist The iraq war began on March 21st 2003, when Baghdad’s night […]
March 16, 2023

What’s wrong with the banks

By The Economist Only ten days ago you might have thought that the banks […]
March 10, 2023

Big Plastic suing Canada over single-use plastics ban- Richard Mills

2023.03.10 The Canadian government is in court this week defending its ban on […]
March 8, 2023

Studying Ukraine war, China’s military minds fret over US missiles, Starlink

By Eduardo Baptista and Greg Torode BEIJING/HONG KONG, March 8 (Reuters) – China needs the capability […]
March 3, 2023

Why China won’t go to war with Taiwan – Richard Mills

2023.03.03 Taiwan is a small, densely populated island about 100 miles off the […]
March 3, 2023

The Accelerating Countdown to Armageddon

BY James Rickards Get ready for screaming headlines beginning in about two months. Why? […]
February 26, 2023

Are Americans Trying to Eat Healthy?

By Katharina Buchholz 46 percent of U.S. adults said a barrier to eating healthy foods was […]
February 24, 2023

Has mining lost its luster? Why talent is moving elsewhere and how to bring them back

By Timur Abenov This article explores our latest research into the talent imperative […]
February 24, 2023

The worsening plight of the global consumer – Richard Mills

2023.02.23 Consumer spending makes up 70% of global GDP. It’s no wonder, therefore, […]
February 20, 2023

War Certainly Is A Racket

By Iain Davis In 1935, Major General Smedley Butler’s seminal book “War Is […]
February 19, 2023

An Interactive Look at the U.S.-China Military Scorecard

By PROJECT AIR FORCE Over the past two decades, China’s People’s Liberation Army […]
February 15, 2023

Russia’s Grip on Nuclear-Power Trade Is Only Getting Stronger

By Jonathan Tirone Russia’s nuclear exports have surged since the invasion of Ukraine, […]
February 14, 2023

Declining Global Consumer Confidence

By Gilbert Fontana Our plans to buy new things, travel, invest, and save […]
February 12, 2023

Massive filament swirls into a ‘polar vortex’ on the Sun, wowing scientists

By Scott Sutherland This is apparently the first time such a phenomenon has […]
January 30, 2023

Visualizing U.S. Consumption of Fuel and Materials per Capita

By Bruno Venditti 2023.01.30 Wealthy countries consume massive amounts of natural resources per […]
January 26, 2023

Earth’s core appears to have reversed its spin. So what does this mean?

By Scott Sutherland 2023.01.26 The solid metal core of Earth doesn’t rotate perfectly […]
January 22, 2023

The 13 Food Shortages To Expect In 2023

By Brian Boone 2023.01.22 So far, in the 2020s, farmers, food processors, suppliers, […]
January 22, 2023

The risks of plundering the periodic table

By Mining.com Staff Writer 2023.01.22 A recent paper published in the journal Trends […]
January 21, 2023

The chill of autumn – Richard Mills

2023.01.21 A democracy is a political system in which all members have an […]
January 17, 2023

The Cycle of Freedom

By Jeff Thomas 2023.01.17 “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot […]
January 1, 2023

Water — the next US-Canada trade irritant – Richard Mills

What gets me, though, is how bad Canadian politicians are at negotiating. Here we finally have a resource that should give us significant leverage in dealing with our largest trading partner, ie., critical metals. In return for offering our minerals and our mining expertise, what are we asking for in return? I’ve yet to discover anything in print.
December 31, 2022

The 50th anniversary of Nixon’s colossal error Repost – Richard Mills

It seems fitting that the year we are expecting to see an unprecedented rise in US government spending and money-printing to spur an economic recovery, marks the 50th anniversary of the end of the gold standard.

Done at the time to fight an economic crisis, we are still feeling the effects of this disastrous decision, five decades on.

In this article, we explain why President Nixon did what he did, and why every promise that unshackling the US government from the requirement of maintaining the dollar's value in terms of gold would mean for the United States, has been broken.
December 30, 2022

Project development stages and risk versus reward – Richard Mills

When looking for an investment, the approach I take involves looking at the global, big picture conditions. I study trends, read the news, basically watch and listen to what’s going on in the world. Then I study the different sectors to select the one (or ones) that I think is going to match up well with the overriding, long-term theme. This is top-down investing.

The second part of my search for the dominant investment is a bottom-up approach. This is where I find individual companies, in the specific sector I have chosen to invest in.
December 29, 2022

The role of silver in Chinese history – Richard Mills

There was a time when China had an appetite for silver, and the West hungered for Chinese goods.

In a world dominated by paper currencies, we sometimes forget the role of gold and silver in fostering international trade and creating the basis of the monetary system as we know it today.

Many scholars consider the silver trade to mark the beginning of the global economy, with one historian noting that silver “went round the world and made the world go round.”

The precious metal has made an indelible mark on Chinese history, helping both to build an empire and to destroy it.

December 27, 2022

Thucydides Trap Leads to an American Suez – Richard Mills

2022.12.27 The Thucydides Trap is a term invented by Graham Allison, a professor […]
December 21, 2022

Debt Jubilee – Richard Mills

2022.12.21 A cross-the-board ‘Debt Jubilee’ might sound radical, but a reading of history […]
December 12, 2022

‘Deadpool’ on Lake Powell could arrive as soon as July – Richard Mills

2021.12.12 Dried-up rivers and alarmingly low reservoir levels are manifestations of climate change. […]
December 8, 2022

Inflation is the fourth horseman – Richard Mills

2022.12.08 Over the past year, relentlessly rising interest rates (because of the global […]
December 7, 2022

Why real assets are better at protecting wealth than financial assets – Richard Mills

2022.12.07 The economist who predicted the financial crisis sees a “long and ugly” […]
December 4, 2022

The mother of all economic crises – Richard Mills

2022.12.04 Economist Nouriel Roubini believes the world economy is lurching toward an unprecedented […]
December 2, 2022

Artisanal miners thwarting copper supply uptake – Richard Mills

2022.12.02 An upcoming copper supply deficit could be hastened by an uptick in […]
November 17, 2022

The evisceration of the middle class – Richard Mills

2022.11.17 “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,” President-elect Donald […]
November 11, 2022

5 reasons why gold will anchor the world’s monetary system – Richard Mills

2022.11.11 Since the end of WWII, the US dollar has been used as […]
November 10, 2022

Good calls: 3 AOTH predictions that came true – Richard Mills

2022.11.10 At Ahead of the Herd, we pride ourselves on being right, when […]
November 10, 2022

5 reasons the West needs a secure supply of critical minerals – Richard Mills

2022.11.10 Critical minerals are defined as non-fuel materials that are vital to the […]
November 5, 2022

Skewed priorities: As people go hungry and freeze, spending by governments on military and debt interest soars – Richard Mills

2022.11.15 In 2021 the world’s militaries spent USD$2.1 trillion, marking the seventh straight […]
November 3, 2022

A stagflationary debt crisis looms – Richard Mills

2022.11.03 The US Federal Reserve is grappling with how to reduce inflation, which […]
October 24, 2022

Why Freeland’s “friend-shoring” is such a bad idea – Richard Mills

2022.10.24 Chrystia Freeland is Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. […]
October 19, 2022

Walking dead US dollar – Richard Mills

2022.10.19 For more than a year, the US dollar has been gaining strength […]
October 18, 2022

Impacts of BC’s late-summer drought being felt province-wide – Richard Mills

2022.10.18 Although British Columbia experienced an unusually cold and wet spring, delaying the […]
October 7, 2022

Bye Bye BC’s killer whales (updated) – Richard Mills

2022.10.07 Unusually warm weather and forest fires burning into October are two signs […]
October 5, 2022

A growing global dystopia – Richard Mills

2022.10.05 A new research paper by the International Monetary Fund estimates that the […]
September 21, 2022

Even the so-called experts are wrong about critical metals supply – Richard Mills

2022.09.21 The move away from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles to EVs run on batteries is […]
September 17, 2022

How much longer can the dollar trade last? – Richard Mills

2022.09.17 This year has seen a correction in the gold price, commensurate with […]
September 3, 2022

Hunger stones, wrecks and bones

2022.09.03 Hundreds of years ago, early Europeans hit with a devastating drought thought […]
June 24, 2022

BC bracing for more floods, brought on by late snowpack, heavy rains and sudden hot weather

2022.06.24 British Columbia is once again locked into a weather pattern seemingly dictated […]
June 17, 2022

Falling Dow to gold ratio

2022.06.17 We call ourselves Ahead of the Herd because we see things before […]
June 9, 2022

ESG needs a rethink

2022.06.09 Last month, we reported that Tesla, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer, was removed […]
June 8, 2022

Let them eat cake

2022.06.08 Dirt. We spit on it, kick it off our shoes, wash it […]
June 7, 2022

Top reasons to suffer summer blackouts

2022.06.07 While the Covid-19 pandemic was dominating headlines in 2020, another major crisis […]
June 3, 2022

The Fed option nobody is talking about

2022.06.03 History tells us that previous Fed rate hikes to deal with uncomfortably […]
May 31, 2022

Why metals, energy and food prices will remain elevated

2022.05.31 With inflation in the US reaching its highest in 40 years, there […]
May 30, 2022

Food, a global crisis – How bad is it going to get?

2022.05.30 A comparison of this year’s grocery bills to last year’s yields a […]
May 28, 2022

Get ready for extreme heat and its effects on crops, lives

2022.05.28 The climate on planet Earth is changing, and a lot faster than […]
May 27, 2022

BTV-Business Television features Dolly Varden Silver on BNN Bloomberg & FOX Business

2022.05.27 TV BROADCAST NETWORKS and TIMES: CANADA: BNN Bloomberg – Saturday May 28 @ 8:00pm ET, Sunday May […]