Posting Articles

When I go into the ‘browse and edit/edit’ and enter anything into the yellow boxes, the font and/or color will change. To get around this I go into the basic tab and cut and paste a previous post then make title, link and author changes.

Rick’s Newsletter

1.     Change Rick’s email ie: rmills@..... rickmills@...rickm@....

When sending the newsletter only 15% are opened, possibly because it may enter as spam

2.     When using the newsletter template, the header is not long enough. There is so much code for the box size that the title is disappearing

3.     When I don’t want/use a yellow box, there is a large space between groups of text.

4.     When I import a word doc into a yellow box, the doc transfers okay except when the text is changed for a caption for an image. The text after the image is the wrong font and size. Have tried cutting and pasting but this is a lot of work when the newsletter is large and have bullets and images.

5.     When using ‘Select an Uploaded HTML Page’ the page comes in except the header is not included

Link pages off logo from the front page


How to make changes to templates