Boreal announces termination of Karl Richard Antonius

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Karl Richard Antonius's position as president of Boreal Metals Corp. has been terminated for cause. Mr. Antonius failed to make timely and adequate disclosure to the company's board of directors of his role in court proceedings in British Columbia that have been the subject of media reporting this week. Mr. Antonius is no longer an officer or employee of the company.

Prior to media reports this week, the company's board of directors had not been made aware of the nature of charges made against Mr. Antonius or his defence to it.

The company has requested Mr. Antonius's immediate resignation as a director of the company failing which the company intends to take steps to remove Mr. Antonius as a director.

Boreal will make no further comment on this matter as it is currently before the courts.

About Boreal Metals Corp.

Boreal is a mineral exploration company focused on the discovery of silver, zinc, copper and gold deposits in exceptional, historical mining project areas spanning Sweden and Norway. The company aims to discover new economic mineral deposits in known mining districts that have seen little or no modern exploration. The company is led by an experienced management team and technical team, with successful records in mineral discovery, mining development and financing.

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