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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information


Lots happening with Imagin Medical C:IME, thought I would update you.


i/Blue Clinical Trial


Dr. Messing posted on information about the upcoming research clinical trial at U Rochester “Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging for Bladder Cancer Detection” (i/Blue is not mentioned by name).

Dr. Messing was filing notification of his proposed study in advance of the IRB approval. The additional reason that it’s posted in advance is to let patients know about the study in case they want to enroll.

This study will give Imagin the data it needs within 3 months of the start date, as shown in the corporate presentation.


It is common practice to follow the patients for at least one year so there’s the full year time frame for the study. Also if you have a short date and you want to do more, then you have to go through everything again.


They will use initial results to further optimize the system. We should be hearing about approval and the trials themselves getting started shortly.


Financing Drawdown Facility


Imagin announced, on the 22nd of February, that it has executed a non-binding term sheet with Alumina Partners. The understanding provides for a series of private placement offerings, over a 24 month period, to be conducted between the Company and Alumina Partners.


“We were impressed by the quality and pace of the ongoing clinical research supporting Imagin’s i/Blue system and, unusual for the emerging growth space, by its lofty academic pedigree as well. Jim Hutchens and his team of industry veterans are poised to substantially change the way we approach bladder cancer – the fourth most common cancer among men and by far the most expensive to treat. For a company of their size to credibly even have a chance of contributing to the fight against cancer is nothing short of extraordinary. We at Alumina are proud to support innovators like Imagin Medical, and we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the year to come.” Adi Nahmani, Managing Member of Alumina Partners


As part of the Alumina Financing Cdn$125,000.00 has been drawn from the facility. Imagin also conducted a Cdn$100,000.00 financing in which the company’s president and two directors invested Cdn$60,000.00.


To sum it all up iblue will be on humans shortly, the company is financed through FDA approval and commercialization and insiders have taken part in financing the company.


Richard (Rick) Mills


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