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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information


Disregard disease – Ebola, Zika and whatever else is cooking out there. Things like - rising sea levels, global shortages of fresh water, simmering religious tensions, the potential for wars over mineral resources and what a higher gold price means. Disregard financial calamity, malfunctioning governments and lying sleazebag politicians leading us down the garden path.


Forget about climate change, somebody else can deal with it. Is it to be inflation, disinflation, deflation or stagflation? Is ‘the Donald’ going to be the next U.S. president? Or is the hawk, disguised as a dove Clinton, the next president? Will the Fed speed up its interest rate increases? Lead in the water, fracking. Ozone depletion, species extinction, population (out of) control.


The herd’s got other things on its mind. Red necks, who can pee where, who Blake Sheldon is cheating on with.


Maybe the following will wake the herd up. It’s only the best reason (other than either Hillary or Donald being president of the United States) any of us has ever heard for owning some gold and silver bullion in an easily accessible stash. It’s something so devastating, so cataclysmic, so life changing, so unstoppable that the only way to survive the resulting wasteland would be to own precious metals and guns. Something so indefensible against, something so game changing that I’m talking about each and everyone one of us on this planet taking a forced trip back in time.


“Extreme solar storms pose a threat to all forms of high-technology. They begin with an explosion--a "solar flare"—in the magnetic canopy of a sunspot. X-rays and extreme UV radiation reach Earth at light speed, ionizing the upper layers of our atmosphere; side-effects of this "solar EMP" include radio blackouts and GPS navigation errors. Minutes to hours later, the energetic particles arrive. Moving only slightly slower than light itself, electrons and protons accelerated by the blast can electrify satellites and damage their electronics. Then come the CMEs, billion-ton clouds of magnetized plasma that take a day or more to cross the Sun-Earth divide.“NASA Science


Every second, the Sun shoots bursts of charged subatomic particles, in the form of solar wind, into space at speeds of 1 million miles per hour.


Typically, the solar wind is weak enough that Earth’s magnetic field deflects most of it, like in the NASA illustration below:



However, if an especially powerful barrage heads our way, it could easily penetrate our magnetic field, fry our electric power systems, and kick us back into the dark ages – all within a matter of hours.


On July 23 2012, the sun unleashed a massive cloud of plasma. The plasma cloud, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), comprised a solar storm thought to be the most powerful in at least 150 years. This plasma cloud exploded from the sun and headed straight through Earth’s orbit - and missed us by a week! Yep, if it had happened just a week before the plasma cloud would have had a catastrophic encounter with Earth’s atmosphere.


“The consequences could be devastating for commerce, transportation, agriculture and food stocks, fuel and water supplies, human health and medical facilities, national security, and daily life in general.” Steve Tracton, Capital Weather Gang


The event on July 23, 2012 was a ‘perfect storm.’ A couple of much smaller previous solar storms had cleared the way, no interference would have weakened its power, it was lined up exactly opposite the orientation of Earth’s protector, our magnetic field. All that power would have had not only a cleared out path straight at us but would have slammed into us with our defenses out of alignment to the storm and not giving us anywhere near maximum protection.


Fortunately, the point of eruption on the sun wasn’t Earth-facing.


“I have come away from our recent studies more convinced than ever that Earth and its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate that the 2012 eruption happened when it did. If the eruption had occurred only one week earlier, Earth would have been in the line of fire.” physicist Daniel Baker, University of Colorado


According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, the cloud could have knocked out electrical and communication grids causing more than $2 trillion in damage globally. NASA said anything that plugs into a wall socket or electrical outlet could have been disabled – and since everything we use is, somewhere along the line of its existence, eventually plugged in…well you get the idea.


“Geomagnetic storms can induce geo-electric fields in the Earth’s crust, driving electric currents in long conductors on or near the Earth’s surface. These induced geo-electric fields present a risk to the reliable operation of electric power systems and may affect gas and oil pipelines, railways, and other infrastructures that have long conductive paths.


Ionospheric disturbances can adversely affect radio signals that propagate through the upper atmosphere, disrupting communication, navigation, and surveillance capabilities over wide areas on timescales ranging from minutes to hours.


High-frequency radio signals, which are used for airline, maritime, and emergency communications, are particularly susceptible to ionospheric disturbances.


Solar Radio Bursts (SRBs) are radio wave emissions from the sun that can interfere with radar, communication, and tracking signals.


Upper-atmospheric expansion describes an increase in the temperature and density of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. This change is driven by solar activity and can have a direct impact on low-Earth orbit (LEO) spacecraft that are susceptible to the effects of atmospheric drag.  Increased drag can pull satellites closer to Earth, changing their orbit, decreasing the lifespan of space assets, and making satellite tracking difficult.


The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has to re-identify hundreds of objects and record their new orbits after a large solar storm event. During the March 1989 storm event, for example, the NASA's Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) spacecraft was reported to have "dropped as if it hit a brick wall" due to the increased atmospheric drag.


Maybe we’re without our electrical and communications grids for years – think about that, think about facing, think about living without electricity for an extended indefinite period of time. You’ve just been knocked back to a pre-electric age and your ticket ‘back to the future’ does not have a departure time/date stamp.




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