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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information


During 2013, North Arrow conducted a limited drill program to test two distinct kimberlite indicator mineral trains on their Pikoo Property. The PK 150 kimberlite returned 745 diamonds larger than 0.106 from 209.7 kg of drill core – 95% of the diamonds were intact, white octahedrons or aggregates.


The estimated total recovery sample grade for diamonds greater than 0.85 mm (23 commercial size diamonds) was 1.34 carats per tonne. 



The southern boundary of North Arrows Pikoo Project is just a few kilometers from the village of Deschambault Lake and connection to Saskatchewan’s highway and power networks.


There are rumors floating around regarding a major diamond player taking a piece of a junior in the North Saskatchewan Craton Diamond Play. And why not? Diamond majors have a long history in Canada - they have been extremely active in Canadian diamond exploration for decades and have a history of working with junior partners. It's also the best time, as in the cheapest time, for them to come in.


I expect them to show up - they always do. Let’s list, and take a closer look, at some of the junior players.


North Arrow NAR.v – Led by one of Canada’s pre-eminent diamond explorationists – Gran Thomas - they have the technical expertise but the share structure is difficult only owning 80% of what many consider a smallish Pikoo Project. Indicator chemistry is off the charts and drill results were exceptional for such an early stage. The Co.’s new presentation highlights, but does not show the location of three high priority targets, why not?


Incredibly they seem to have made the same mistake as previously - they did not stake enough ground and left open ground for others. Expect field work this summer followed by drilling late this fall. Money is not a problem.


Alto ATV.v – ATV has a very interesting property next to the Pikoo discovery of NAR. Unfortunately share structure here is even more difficult as they own just 60%. Money is not a problem for a while as they have close to a million in the treasury and will do a sampling program this year.


Strike Graphite SRK.V – Needs a name change and new board. Too many associate this rebirth with the out of control selling of their own deal by the previous principals last time around. Shares for debt has worked out well, most of the paper is in strong hands. Ryan Kalt’s property has some good targets, so too will that of Jody Dahrouge. This could be a very promotable deal and with such an immense land package there will no doubt be many option/JV deals with other juniors. There’s a need to raise money but a new board will not have a problem doing that. This is one I do not want to see go to a major like DeBeers, Dominion Diamonds or another big player.




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