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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information


In a very recent article titled ‘Cloud Revenue Cycle Management’ I introduced you to Certive Solutions CSE – CBP.


Over the past week since I published ‘Cloud Revenue Cycle Management’ Certive has put out two news releases… and added 22 new hospital clients, and thereby a clear path to a significant increase in projected cash flow per month!


The first release, dated August 26th was in regards to a four hospital system zero balance revenue share contract. Zero Balance recoveries represent one of the highest margin lines of business and securing these contractual relationships is a key part of Certive’s growth strategy.  


On August 28th Certive published news regarding closing of another contract - an 18 hospital system to provide billing support services and identify underpayment recoveries. 


Before last week’s two news releases Certive had 25 hospitals under contract.


After last week’s news Certive added 22 hospitals.. . It will take time for Certive to realize the cash flow from the new hospital relationships but clearly Certive is progressing to its stated target of $6mm in revenue by year’s end.


As they grow from approximately $250,000 in monthly revenue to $500,000 per month and more, they will achieve certain economies of scale and should reach a critical mass where margins improve. This is without factoring the ongoing efficiencies attributable to their technology and its ability to enhance the performance of the hospitals to recoup a greater percentage of denied claims, generating more income for the hospitals and for Certive.


Here’s an Ahead of the Herd heads up - Certives market valuation is moving towards a model assessing future opportunity as opposed to current operating size. When the company starts trading in the US markets on the QB system , they will attract a much more forward looking valuation consistent with cloud based enterprises in the US - 5x on revenue is a conservative estimate on my part.




In my first Certive report I said; “Searching for a company that is launching into a fast-growth period in an attractive market? If getting ‘in’ at the start of building something special is what you are looking for then look no further then Certive Solutions CSE-CBP.”


At the end of that report I told you Certive Solutions CSE – CBP should be on everyone’s radar screens.


Is it on yours?


If not, it should be!


Richard (Rick) Mills


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Richard does not own shares of Certive Solutions CSE – CBP. Certive is an advertiser on Richard’s site aheadoftheherd.com.


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