Potash is Mined in One of Two Ways


By Richard (Rick) Mills

Ahead of the Herd


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1. There are conventional underground mining operations; Western Canada's potash deposits occur in the Middle Devonian Prairie Evaporite formation at depths in excess of 900 m. Start up costs run in access of $2.5b. These costs include driving vertical shafts down to the potash and purchasing underground mining/surface milling equipment. This money needs to be paid up front before any production can start leaving the company at risk to commodity market swings. Very few junior companies will have the experienced management team and the requisite financial backing necessary to pull off building conventional underground potash mine.


2. Solution mining involves pumping heated water through the ore body to dissolve the potash and pumping the resultant brine solution to a refinery for extraction. Deposit temperature is an important component in the economics of solution mining - a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius is thought to be needed. The solubility of potash increases with temperature such that the higher the formation temperature, the higher the yield of potassium chloride in the brine solution.


The presence of carnallite is also a factor; carnallite will not dissolve and creates an impediment to the flow of the brine solution.


Start up costs are fractionalized; $100,000,000 will give you production of 100,000 tonnes per year allowing current production to pay for future expansion.


It’s cheaper to drill brine injection/production wells to handle solutions than to construct a pair of extremely deep conventional shafts, undertake the initial underground development work and install mining machinery. So there should be a significant saving in the initial capital cost of a solution mine versus a conventional underground mine.


But solution mines use hot brine instead of mining machines to extract the potash from underground deposits and for this reason their operating costs are very sensitive to the price of fuel. With natural gas prices low, solution mining is very competitive.


Richard (Rick) Mills




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