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Greenscape Park (Green) and Fly

Richard (Rick) Mills
Ahead of the Herd

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With commodities rocking an investor would have to be crazy to consider an investment in a company whose asset is a cash flowing green parking lot right?

Canopy Airport Parking

Maybe not, because now, Greenscape Capital Group TSX.V – GRN has undeniable fundamentals

GRN’s Canopy Airport Parking lot is now open cash flowing - giving them a $40 million asset with average net income forecast at a robust $5 million a year. Presently the company has less than a $10 million market cap.

Greenscape’s Canopy Airport Parking lot (completed on budget and well ahead of schedule) is an environmentally advanced 4200 stall facility. The Canopy Airport Parking serves the Denver International Airport (DIA - one of the most heavily used airports in the U.S.) in Denver, Colorado and will also act as a demonstration site for the installation of future facilities.

Canopy Airport Parking facility:

  • Cost approximately $18.5 million to build  
  • Has a Cushman+Wakefield appraisal valuing it at $41.6 million after income stabilization
  • Will generate up to US$19 million in revenue annually, with an estimated annual profit of US$5.1 million after the first year of business
  • Is owned 81.2% by Greenscape. Propark (and affiliates) own 18.8% - Propark is a 25 year parking industry leader in the United States
  • Incorporates wind, solar, geothermal and LED lighting and has achieved LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) Gold certification
  • Has six free Juice Bar electric vehicle (EV) plug in stations - each Juice Bar provides Level One (a typical electrical outlet) and Level Two (220-240V) recharging connections
  • Has been named as the demonstrator site for the US green parking movement by the US Green Parking Council
  • Has water permeable pavement (recycled roof shingles) and contaminated run-off water treatment

Airport Parking

GRN’s Canopy Airport Parking facility boasts unique environmental features. Green Facts at Canopy:

- 9.6 kW wind turbine farm
- 16.9 kW solar array 
- Geothermal energy 300 foot deep bore holes with heat pump technology
- Free recharge for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles
- Reflective roof reduces air conditioning load
- 35% of Metallic Building steel sourced with recycled cars
- Asphalt is created from recycled roofing shingles
- Porous pavement moderately filters rain and snow runoff
- Covered and indoor parking reduces automotive air conditioning load
- Canopy operates 1 regenerative hybrid bus, 6 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses and 7 biodiesel buses

Airport1Airport2solar Panels

The environmentally friendly features attracted several sponsorship deals. Frontier Airlines (a major regional carrier that runs 550 daily flights out of Denver and Milwaukee) is exclusively marketing discounted rates to its 6500 daily passengers that fly from Denver. BMW Group DesignWorks USA designed the Juice Bars.

Every one of those passengers will have the Greenscape story marketed directly to them.” Brian Slusarchuk , Greenscape CEO


Unlike a resource company, Greenscape does not need success with the drill bit. It is certain that people will continue to fly and many of these airline passengers will need to park their cars. This parking space demand should give Greenscape’s investors something to count on in their portfolios - an asset with cash flow.

The business imperative is clear - the parking industry has the ability to generate stable, predictable and long term cash flows.

Greenscape’s business model (expertise in the application of alternative energy solutions and recycled materials) offers an opportunity to diversify and “go against the commodities herd” by giving retail investors the chance to invest in a mostly untapped green space – the parking industry.

As Airline business and tourism traffic grows with an improving global economy, so too should Greenscape’s margins and profits.

Already undervalued with a cash flowing $40m asset, the next project could be just around the corner.

One thing we have seen is that with the return on investment we can generate, there’s no shortage of debt financing and no shortage of bank financing.” Brian Slusarchuk Greenscape CEO

Is Greenscape TSX.V – GRN, with its  Canopy Airport Parking facility and boasting unique environmental features, on your radar screen?

If not, maybe it should be.

Richard (Rick) Mills

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