2020 Articles



Red Lake-focused Silver Dollar Resources has a Mexican ace


Great Thunder Gold poised for exploration success at new Fenelon Gold Camp, Quebec


Is China preparing for war?


Freegold Ventures Climbs Golden Summit


Saving the planet with clean and green


Roosevelt 2.0 and ‘here, hold my beer'


Gold, copper and silver are must-own metals


Gold industry must find 8Moz to avoid supply deficit: Woodmac


Trillion-dollar US infrastructure plan will draw in plenty of metal


Boreal scores $6M earn-in from Boliden, to explore Norway copper-gold project


Gold’s outlook brightens on dark covid news


What a Democratic win could mean for metals

America's much needed lithium mine


Sedimentary copper + silver explorers attracting major interest


Copper bulls ride on increased orders, mine disruptions


Miners snapping up gold properties left and right


US Red Shirts and the Boogaloo


South American sedimentary copper belt has a silver buckle


Covid, debt and precious metals


Champion Bear’s summer drill programs


What re-opening success or failure means for metals


Max Resource enters into collaboration agreement with one of the world’s leading copper producers


Getchell Gold chasing Carlin-style gold at Fondaway Canyon


Champion Bear to drill Plomp Farm, Ontario gold play


China dominates worlds supply chains


A tale of two depressions


Breadline blues


Gold versus fiat


Is the covid crisis good or bad for the environment?


The Fed can’t print silver


Living in a virus-controlled world


A massive bull market is building for gold


Palladium One acquires property next to Finnish PGE play


Covid-19: Who, what, when, where and why


Gold closely tracks debt-to-GDP ratio


The coming supply crunch


Max finds more high-grade copper and silver at Cesar


Blacktop politics


US between Scylla and Charybdis


The most important mine in America


Silver is going up. Here’s one way to play it


Max acquires Ebay Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium Project


Negative real rates puts shine on Getchell's gold


We the people


Resurgent dollar paving route to higher gold


The new stay at home economy


Could the coronavirus cause the next ‘Arab Spring’?


How a ‘Debt Jubilee’ + mining could be a path to coronavirus recovery


Economic stimulus can’t save US from deflation and recession


Virus won’t keep copper down for long


Coronavirus infects dollar


Max’s Cesar 24.8% Cu + 230 g/t Ag find invites ‘copper shale’ comparison


Coronavirus and the vulnerability of critical mineral supply chains


Gold has immunity, silver has ratio


Gold & Silver


Max back in the chips at Cesar with two new copper + silver discoveries


Cypress Development Corp. Update – America’s Critical Metals Mine


NV Gold rolls out 2020 exploration plans


Palladium One’s survey says big new anomaly


Trump or Sanders? Both will pile up the debt


Gold and bonds soar on ‘fight to quality’


Pandemic fears: real and imagined


Paper money rejection is gold’s Minsky Moment


A Minsky Moment is coming for gold


Max finds 2nd high-grade copper-silver zone at Cesar


The next big thing in Nevada


Champion Bear’s Eagle Rock PGE-Cu-Au project


The growing weaponization of space


The DRC just turned the screws on cobalt supply


Why supply problems will worsen for these 5 metals


Copper market is a coiled spring


Could silver break-out like it did in 2011?


The end of the global economy


Copper-gold deposits to help gold miners overcome depletion dilemma


Palladium One identifies compelling new drill target at Tyko


In Washington, the clowns are running the circus


EV predictions show strained metals supply


Gold reacting to global flash points


Max makes high-grade copper-silver discovery


Germany starts war on gold


Inomin consolidates polymetallic VMS project near Vancouver


Geophysical work begins at Finland palladium play


Palladium scales $2,500 on tight supply, strong autocatalyst demand


Copper juniors gravitating towards new area play


NV Gold doubles down on silver with new Arizona project


How mining M&A is starving juniors


Gold reacting to global flash points


MINE in BC, a clean alternative to DRC’s dirty trade in cobalt


Will 2020 be junior mining’s year?


Hi-yo Silver Away!




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