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Yaletown Capital Corp. And Freedom Bionics Announce Mall Services


December 1, 2011


Yaletown Capital Corp. and its subsidiary, Freedom Bionics, in collaboration with Cognitive Research Canada, has introduced integrated smart phone mall services.


Freedom Bionics, in collaboration with Cognitive Research Canada, announce they will begin offering new mall-centric networking solutions in the first quarter of 2012. This smart phone mall services solution will be an add-on to the Just Family Network product line. This will be the first of the cloud-based application series directed at integrating shopping activities with smart phone users. Customers visiting malls can download both free and evaluation copies of the Mind My Family application from the Just Family Network. The mall services application provides new services to malls and the average North American shopper. First, the service adds a mall navigation package, as well as a mall-specific store-and-product search engine, while also providing low-cost access by mall stores to their clients for electronic access, coupon delivery and in-store specials. This integration of the Just Family Network and shopping technology is the latest technology to be added to the digital advertising world.


The value added to mall managers and store owners is they will be able to know from how far away their clients are being drawn and how often they attend the store or mall. Some malls draw as many as a million shoppers per month. Larger malls are expected to be electronically connected to over 250,000 shoppers. The modern soccer mom commonly carries either an Android or Apple iPhone smart phone. This form of communications will become a common method for stores to advertise a low-cost manner to highly targeted customers. The goal for the malls is to get this large demographic to ramp up over the next 24 months.


The malls will know the age and sex demographic (as well as the number of family members without knowing their names or addresses), how often they shop, and by combining the service with digital customer loyalty cards, they can track the effectiveness of their advertising. Personal information will be protected.


The advent of the new cloud-based grocery shopping software means moms can key in groceries needed (while at the fridge), like eggs, milk and cheese, for example, and when the husband is on his way home he will automatically get an alert to pick up what is needed. The malls will be able to narrow the target clients to the intended buyer group by simply selecting the checklist of the user profile they are seeking.


Now your active mobile family smart phones can tell you the current status of the whole family or provide unprompted alerts when there is a problem. The software learns about the daily life of the family members.


Freedom Bionics is rolling out both products on a city-by-city basis. The market has been identified as 350 city centres. Some cities will remain marketed by Freedom Bionics directly, but up to 250 cities will be targeted for joint venture operations. First releases are currently rolling out in Vancouver, Seattle, then southern California, followed by Toronto, New York and so on.

To view look and feel demonstration screens, e-mail the Just Family Network and request a demo link.


Select wireless dealers operating out in malls in the United States & Canada, as well as a group of select dealers in Canada, will be first to have availability. First trials will be available in the UK by Q1 2012.

For further information please contact:

Dale Paruk
Coal Harbor Communications
Telephone: (604) 662-4505
Toll Free: 1-877-345-3399


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