Texalta Petroleum Ltd.</strong> is an oil and gas company engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of prospective oil &amp; gas properties in Western Canada and Northern Australia. <br><BR>
The company&rsquo;s primary focus in Canada is in southeast Saskatchewan, with working interests ranging from 25% to 74.6% in several project areas. <br><BR>
In Australia, Texalta is focusing on its 82% working interest in Exploration Permits <a href="http://www.texalta.com/EP%20103.pdf">EP 103</a> and <a href="http://www.texalta.com/EP%20104.pdf">EP 104</a>situated on 5.5 million (5,500,000) acres of prospective land in the Georgina Basin, Northern Territory.&nbsp; <br><BR>
&nbsp;A new seismic survey comprising a total of 350 km is currently being undertaken to compliment the initial survey completed in 2009.&nbsp; This seismic program is expected to be completed by November 2010 and will set the stage for exploratory drilling in the first quarter of 2011.</p>



Latest News Release

Calgary, Alberta – Texalta Petroleum Ltd. ("Texalta" or the "Corporation") (TEX.A – TSX Venture) would like to advise shareholders that a horizontal development well known as the Texalta et
al Wordsworth E HZ 3D3-23-3A13-14-7-3W2 has been drilled to a depth of 1841 meters and the rig will be released by midday today.

Completion work will start on the recently drilled Queensdale W HZ 2D5-25-4B10-26-6-2 W2 well depending on the availability of a service rig after which the Wordsworth well will be completed.

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