Axel Merk


Eurozone Needs Process, Not Money


Gold to Outshine Dollar?


Merkel is Summit Winner!


United States of Europe has Arrived!


Growth Versus Austerity: A U.S. Dollar Perspective


Saving the Euro


What's next for the U.S. Dollar? QE3?


U.S. Dollar and Euro - Review and Outlook


Eurozone Election Hangover


ECB Warns Easy Money No Solution


Bernanke: Be Humble!


Currency Wars: Gambling With Other Peoples' Money


Recovery – Who are We Kidding?


Fed - Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Bernanke's Problem with the Gold Standard


Falling Treasuries: A Currency Perspective


Fed Flying Blind


Currencies: Crisis & Opportunity


Do Tax & Regulatory Policies Pose a Threat to the Dollar?


Chinese Dragon To Unshackle Renminbi?


ECB's Draghi Frames Issues


U.S. Dollar & Currencies: Review and Outlook


Can the euro be saved?


Greece: High Flying Drachma


Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Greece!


Euro Bailouts - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Occupy Wall Street: A Threat to the Dollar?


U.S. Dollar and Euro - Review and Outlook


The Euro is Dead. Long Live the Euro


Operation Twist a Primer for QE3?


Liquidity Crisis? A Currency Perspective


Merk sells Euro to buy Australian Dollar


Much Ado About Debt: Dollar vs. Euro


Don't Shoot the Messenger


Debt Ceiling - What Now?


Bernanke - Money for Nothing and Dollars For Free


European Bonds for Italy?


Politics of Default: Roadmap to Debunk the Dollar


Bernanke - It's Complicated!


Debt Ceiling Jeopardizes Dollar’s Reserve Status


ECB Pushing Greece Over Brink


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